Buy and sell your diamonds to us at top dollar!
Diamonds they say "are a womans best friend."  We tend to disagree.  They are a mans best friend when he buys one from us and has money left over under budget. 

We have a trained gemologist on staff 
Gold and Silver Metals
We take the time to review each peice of jewelry you bring to us to determine the best value for what the item is.  Somtimes it is best as scrap, being out of date, or broken.  Other times your item may be a hot seller so we will keep it to sell.  Last, If we can not offer you enough cash for your jewelry, we have a consignment program that will try to sell your item for a retail amount, and then we split the profit.  
Onsite Jewelry Repair
Our on-site jewelry Louis is a master tradesman.  He can work on any watch, and if he can't he knows a guy in LA!  Doesn't everyone?!  We can size, alter, create, recycle and do pretty much everything.  We also offer Jewelry cleaning for those with too much to do by hand!  
On-site Coin Specialist to buy your coins
Precious metal coins are always going up and down in price based on the market.  ​
The Exchange Palm Desert will give you top dollar for your coins and coin sets based on what market value is that day.  Please call if you have any questions.
largest Guitar company in the Coachella Valley.   
The exchange has the videst variety of guitars and other musical instruments in the Coachella Valley.